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resourcepg camstudio   Coursera   Diigo   Edmondo   Facebook
A free major screencasting software.    A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)   To bookmark, collect, tag interesting websites.   Virtual learning to interact, share and communicate.  Share photos, videos, thoughts and with others.
Flash Meeting   Google Hangouts   HipChat   imgur   Instagram
 An easy to use online meeting application. Communicate  effectively and share photos, videos and emoji.  Textual message or chat using your account.  Share images amongst users and reuse.  A mobile photo-sharing application.
Jing   Merlot   Mindmeister   Moodle   Open Broadcaster studio
 A free major screencasting software. Multimedia Education Resource for Learning & Online Teaching.  Create mind maps in a group of users online.   Virtual Learning Environment to share and assess.  A free major screencasting software.
Padlet   Pinterest   Piratepad   Pixton   Powtoon
 Collaborate in real-time over the same online interface.  Share images and ideas over a social network. Piratepad, to access a common interface as a common desktop.  Create comic strips.  Create cartoons for personal use.
 Prezi      Quia      Scoopit      Screencastmatic      Second Life
 Create and save presentations online. Create surveys, polls, games and quizzes.  Extract content from online pages. A free major screencasting software. A virtual world with Avatar representatives. 
 Skype    Slideshare    Surveymonkey    Twitter    Viber
Make audio, video calls, chat or share information.
Online platform to share Powerpoint presentations. Create online surveys and distribute.   An online news and social networking service. Make audio, video calls, chat or share information. 
 Vocaroo    weebly    Whatsapp    Wikispaces    Youtube
Record and share voice recording.   Create and populate your own blog.   An end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application. To create a Wiki and share online information.   Share, comment, like online videos. 
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